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Bow Care and Maintenance.

Bow String Waxing
Spreading Servings
Draw Length Changed on Bow
Cams and Axles
Loose Screws and Bolts
Check Limbs
Pro Shop Check Ups

Strings and Cables


Every now and then depending on how often you shoot. You should wax your bow string and cables (providng cables are made of string material and not steel cables with plastic coating). Pick up a tube of bow wax at a local shop. Lightly run the wax up and down the string and cables. DO NOT wax the served parts of the string and cables. Once wax is applied lightly work it in with your fingers or use a small peice of leather and run up and down the string and cables working the wax into the thread. Anytime you see fuzziness starting to appear on string and cable it is a good time to apply some wax.

Spreading Servings:

A lot of times servings will separate on your strings and cables at points of sharp bends around the cams or on string where release clips onto the string. If caught soon enough these spots can be taken care of before a lot of damage is done to the string or cable. The areas can be reserved and the string will still be in good shape. You need a bow press to do the areas around the cams, but center serving can be redone without a press.

Strings are made up of multi strands of string material. The serving acts as a protectant for the string material in high stressed areas. Most shops will reserve bad areas on a string or cable for a moderate price. String and cable replacements can be costly and very dangerous if not caught in time.

Draw Length Changed on Bow

If your draw length does not feel right to what it was when you first got the bow, could be a good chance that your string and cable has stretched. This is very common and nothing to fret. If it is not a lot of change the strings and cables can be twisted to acheive proper draw length once again. A bow press is needed to make the adjustments.

On two cam bows if you start getting an erratic arrow flight from what the bow shot before, it is a good sign of string or cable stretch and the timing is off on the cams. Two cam bows are very important to keep in time for proper arrow flight. A bow press is needed to make these adjustments.

Cams and Axles

It is a good idea to lube the cams, axles and bushings periodically. Lightly put some regular bow oil or lubricant at least once a month. Put a little on each side of wheels and cams at the bushings and let soak down into the axles as well. Be careful not to get any on the string or cables. Really a good thing to do when you have got caught out in the rain with your bow. Never pack a wet bow up in a bow case. It is best to leave the bow out of case until air dried. Anytime you hear any squeaking or creaking lube your axles and cams to see if it clears up the noise.

Check For Loose Screws and Bolts

Go over you bow now and then to check for loose screws and bolts. This can be done when getting it out to shoot. Always retighten any found loose. A lot of bows have set screws that hold the cable guards into the risers. If these screws fall out or become loose the cable guard can work its way out of the riser while shooting.

Check Limbs Regularly

Good policy to check limbs regularly. Look them over for any cracks or splinters on the finish of the limbs. Nothing can be worse than have a limb break while drawing back to take a shot with your bow. Any signs of damage take the bow to the shop. Most bows have a warranty depending on manufacturer on the limbs. Most times they will be replaced free or for a minimal charge. I also reccomend getting a set of limb savers and installing them according to the directions on your bow. They absorb a lot of the shock exerted in a bow and also help very much in dampening bow noise.

Pro Shop Check Ups

If you do not work on your own bow and shoot regularly I beleive you should take your bow to a Pro Shop and have a regular maintenance done on your bow. They can tear your bow down and lube all parts. They can check the limb bolts and lube with lithium grease so they do not seize up and come become hard to turn. They are also able to repair damages to strings and cables or replace them if necessary.

I feel we owe it to the game we hunt to keep our bows in proper working order. Also as a safety measure. Lets keep things working proper before the worst can happen.

By Pro-Staff Member Ron Beasom

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Deer Hunting.

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