Biggest Bucks Of Maine Club

Listed by Jordan Tozier

Hunter's Name: Jordan Tozier

State of Harvest: Maine
Closest City: Unity
County of Harvest: United States
Were Deer Calls Used?: No
Were Lures Used?: Yes
Weapon Used: Rifle
Number of Points: 8 Point

Year of Harvest: 2003
Time of Harvest: 9:00
Story and Comments.: I had just got done sitting since dawn, and decided to sneak into some bedding areas a little before 9 am. I had jumped deer out of these thickets before. Well I didnt exactly sneak in and jumped a doe. Knowing the bucks were not far behind the does in late November, I waited for a good five minutes then i saw some movement, since i had my gun drawn for almost 8 minutes now i was getting skakey. I lowed my gun to get a better look at where I saw the movement. Just then this deer stepped out lookng straight at me fifty yards away revealing his nice rack. I put the crosshairs on the only shot i had, which was his lower neck and pulled the trigger. The 180 grain 30.06 bullet struck him just below the neck, and I later found it in its hind quarter still intack. (remington corelokt). It dropped him right there but that was half the battle, it was a 45 min. drag to get it where it could be loaded on a four wheeler. It weighed 225 dressed weight which got it into the Biggest Bucks of Maine club, with one g2 11.5 inches and the other 11 inches. I wish i had got him before he lost all that weight during the rut. I can't wait to get the mount back and see what he scored.

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