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Early Season Deer Calls


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What is the best call to use Oct before pre-rut? I know this is early!! [/b]

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I'm a VIP Member of PAbucks.com!!
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I carry my grunt tube with me at all times. I have grunted in deer in the very early stages of the season. Mine is adjustable as to the sound you want to make. In the early season I will use a lot of doe bleats for calling. If I see deer at a distance and know for sure they are not heading my way, I will try to grunt them in my direction. Does not always work but at times it does.

<b>I'm a VIP Member of PAbucks.com!! <br>Highest Ranked Member!!</b>
I'm a VIP Member of PAbucks.com!!
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Like Ron,I also use the grunt tube from day one through the entire season.But if you honestly want to know what call I've had the most luck with,mainly for bucks and even on the first day,believe it or not, it's rattling.Alot of hunters don't think about rattling early in the season let alone the first day,but it works at times.As soon as the bucks antlers harden it is very natural for them to start sparring,so light rattling early will work.I don't get too agressive,just loud enough for a buck that might pass by out of sight to hear it,and then he may get curious enough to investigate it.For the early season I usea rattle box for light rattling,because their compact and easy to use.I save the big antlers for late in the season when I get more agressive. Most of the bucks you'll rattle in are going to be 1 1/2 old bucks,but you just never know.In 2000 I did some light rattling on the first day and had 125 class come in for alook,big mistake on his part [yellowclap] Like I said,I don't get real agressive and I try to let things happen natural,by not ratteling the first hour or so of the hunt in the morning.If I have no luck first thing then I rattle,what do you have to lose?It's natural to them and won't spook them.But I'd still rather have things happen naturally,because when you rattle and they respond,they will be looking for you,which makes getting a good shot off extremly tough at times.So don't rattle too loud or too much where they can pinpoint your location.
Deer calls


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I've been using the Primos Lil Can in the beginning of the bow season with great results.

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Early Season Deer Calls
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