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Synthetic Skunk Scent


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can anyone tell me where i can buy more of this stuff? i need it in about 3 weeks.it is 10 times stronger than any skunk u cud ever smell anywhere ! please, no tips on where to buy the real skunk essence as it can't hold a candle to this stuff! i've used mine all up and i have had no luck whatsoever finding a supplier. it came in a box with 2 plastic bottles. u mixed equal drops from each bottle on ur cottonball to activate it. MAN is it great cover scent. i think it had a pic of a guy smoking a corncob pipe on the box.i haven't seen it in yrs as this 1 has lasted me for yrs but now i need more . anyone with any info as to where i can buy it please let me know ? i'd greatly appreciate it. this is NOT the real stuff . it's synthetic. it's at LEAST 10 times stronger than the real stuff. i kidd u not. thanks......
synthetic skunk scent


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i want a strong cover scent as it takes just a few drops and i KNOW i aint gonna be smelled. that's why i want a strong cover scent.this stuff i can't find is 10 times stronger than real skunk extract!


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i just want strong scent so i don't have to use much and it lasts season after season as it just takes a few drops each outing. real skunk can't hold a candle to this stuff. i'd use a 1/2 or more little bottle of the real stuff each season and just a few drops of the synthetic stuff. = last for years of use.....and also you are SURE the deer - bear ..isn't gonna scent you.


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i used to hunt with hounds (southern ontario) and i've had big bucks pressured right into the wind and turn at everyone except me! when the chase begins u know as well as anyone , the head goes up and it's INTO THE WIND ...i've shot 3 or 4 really nice bucks who didn't turn when pressured and came right to me. i swear by the stuff. a little cottonball beside u with 3 or 4 drops out of each bottle and u ARE covered ..believe me. only i can't find the synthetic stuff and i have to settle for the less powerful real stuff as stupid as that sounds.yes sir , it acted almost as a buck magnet there for 3 or 4 or more years as the bucks wud change direction till they felt "safe" and got by everyone and came right to the "skunk" . i've had some incredible experiences with the synthetic stuff.we only have a 6 day rifle season where i hunt and i still-hunt now by myself....(no more gangs and dogs) and i've found the skunk scent works great.Nov 1 for 6 days it opens here and i still haven't rcv'd the real scent i ordered from Michigan yet....Oct 20th now...time is running out.

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I'm a Member of the Monster Buck Club!
My Final Goal is to become a VIP Member of PAbucks.com!!

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Man how can you stand it ? If it's 10 times stronger than a real skunk & you put three or four drops on a cotton ball BESIDE YOU [Shocked]
A real skunk anywhere close makes my eyes water & burn [Wink]


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i don't have the slightest problem with the stuff. (even though it almost smokes!). when that buck sneaks by everyone and escapes by way of the "skunk" it more than makes up for any smell it has. another thing i can tell u about it is if u DO get some on u it doesn't linger. the real stuff DOES linger. i'll have to use the real stuff now. damn.... no sir , i swear by the stuff.if i could only find out who sells the synthetic stuff. greenish box...2 plastic bottles with squeeze nozzles...1 bottle smells slightly skunky , other bottle has NO odour......mix a few drops of each together and u are COVERED ! it's fantastic stuff.

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Pabucks.com Pro Staff Writer

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here is some skunk scent i found on the net... http://www.inheatscents.net/skunk.html
they also have other scents... Id have to agree with Dave, the two deer i arrowed this year never knew i was there. I had a scentlok undersuit on and some Carbon spray, they didnt know what hit em.


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http://secure4.hosting-coalition.net/suspended.page/ that's what u get if u visit that scent site now....but thanks anyway. even if not suspended tho they sell the real skunk extract which is not really what i wanted. it does if ur in a pinch , but i want the synthetic stuff ! [Wink]
Its Back!

I'm a spike buck on this forum. <br> <b>My next goal is to become a 3 pointer.</B>
I'm a spike buck on this forum.
My next goal is to become a 3 pointer.

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The synthetic skunk scent is back. It is the two bottle scent just like the original product. Go to www.skunkfusion.com...

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Synthetic Skunk Scent
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