Deer Scents

Deer scents

Deer Scents and Deer Lures are hunting tools used to attract deer and position deer.

My opinion of masking scents (cover-up scents) and deer scents (Deer Pee)is that they are a giant piece of the whitetail puzzle.
The biggest enemy of hunting deer will be your body odor. You may have bathed before you enter the woods, but now they smell the soap you washed with. Thatís why you wash your body and clothes with non-scented soap. Use non-scented deodorant. A scent killer spray to help prevent a human odor forming a detectable


The very first thing is you must be scent free. This is a must, you can use all the calls, scent lures and so on but if your human scent isn't to its bare minimum then youíre wasting your time. There are lots I can go into about covering up your human scent but its not really that difficult. Always be thinking about your scent. Wash your hunting close in non-scented soap, hang them outside and store them in a plastic bag, (giant ziplock) recommended. Wash yourself before every hunt (non-scented soap). Use non-scented deodorant. Your scent will be your biggest enemy. Always think about your scent.

There are deer lure scents that are to be used at different times of the season to be most effective, from the start of bow season till late October you should use a doe urine. This is not doe in heat urine, just use plain doe urine. During late October and November, you can start using your doe in heat lure. To make a mock scrape you must be as scent free as possible, find a location that you think deer (bucks) are in the area. If there is an old scrape in the area use that for your mock scrape. If there isn't a old scrape or its not where you can place a stand then, scrape the ground bare with a stick (not your hands or feet) and pour your deer scent on the mock scrape you just made. Bucks always make their scraps under an overhanging branch. So when making you mock scrape make it under an overhanging branch. Try to refresh this site weekly and more often as you hunt the site.

Looking for some real honest deer lures.I have the place.

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