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Building a Homemade Archery Target.

List of Materials needed

1. 2pcs 2" x 8" Boards

2. 2pcs. 1/2" all thread

3. 4 1/2" Nuts

4. 4 1/2" Flat Washers

5. Target Material

Target material can consist of: Celotex, old ceiling tiles or cardboard. Target material would be best cut to an 18" width and whatever length you choose your target to be.

First take and cut your 2" x 8" boards one foot longer than the length you want your target to be. Ex: if you want a 4 foot length target cut your boards at a 5 foot length. Drill two 1/2" holes on each board 4" in from the ends.

Next cut your target material to 18" by whatever length you have chosen. Stack the target material on top of one of the 2" x 8" boards, staying inside your drilled holes. Keep the face edge of the material flush. Stack the material to the height you desire your target to be. When you reach the height you desire for your target place the other 2" x 8" board on top of your stack.

Take the two pieces of all thread and place down through the holes on the boards. Install the flat washers and nuts on the ends of the all-thread and slightly compress your target material. Do not overtighten. As the targets wears from use, you can tighten down on the all-thread and compress the target material a little more and revive the target face.

If you are going to leave the target outside, I suggest covering the target when not in use. I have one made of celotex and one made of foam and they both have are still good after 4 years of use. I have a lot of friends that come to my house and practice and these targets are withstanding the punishment.

Here is a pic of my foam target that I built. On it I used 4" x 4" boards because of the target size. This target is 5 foot high by 7 foot in length. It took me only about an hour to build.

Target bags

Do you have any feed bags or burlap bags. if so you can make yourself an archery target. Simply stuff the bag full of old rags, plastic grocery bags or nylon screening. Make sure you tightly pack your contents into the bag. once packed tightly, you can seal bag shut using monofilament line to sew shut. Hang bag up and you will get plenty of shots.

Carboard Box target

Take a carboard box the size you desire your target to be. Stuff full with the same materials listed above for Target Bags. Pack tightly and seal box shut with packing tape or duct tape. draw some circles on the sides of the box to aim at and practice away.

Both the bag target and the carboard target work best if packed tightly.

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