Plans for a homemade wooden tree stand.

All responsibly of Use of this tree-stand and building of this stand, Remain with the person building the tree-stand. These plans are just a guide, Please use caution when building and using homemade stands.

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The need arose for me to have multiple stands to hunt in a variety of wind directions and morning, midday, and evening deer activity areas. I have a Loggy Bayou climbing stand and a loc-on, but to buy 3 or more loc-ons was more money than I cared to invest in equipment so I decided to build my own hang on stand. There are a lot of quality stands on the market and the prices have come down but the do it yourselfer in me told me to just build it.

I checked the woodshed for possible building materials I had on hand. I found a nice piece of 2x3 oak to use for the upright to securely anchor all the components of the stand. You canít beat solid oak for this, because it wonít split like pine tends to over time. Any good construction man knows you need a sound foundation to build from.

I pulled out some random lengths of 1x6 pressure treated boards for the floor, base and seat. Also a 2 foot piece of 2x6 pressure treated I can rip down lengthwise for the runners to fasten the floorboards and angle supports to.

After getting my can of nuts, bolts and washers, and laying out my hardware, I still needed some angle supports, preferably of metal. I looked around the yard and spotted the old jungle gym and monkey bars. Perfect! I immediately pilfered two crossbars. The kids will never miss them. They just got to reach a little farther next time. I have priorities you know.

I had lengths of swing chain that I bought @ an estate auction years ago. These would be good to wrap around the tree to hang the stand. Assembly was quite easy. All I had to buy at the hardware store was four- quarter inch by 2Ē lag bolts and a heavy screw-hook. I recommend a quarter inch screw-hook to be safe. Anything smaller will bend after repeated use. This is the main stress point on the stand.

After the completion of your project and hanging your stand with the chain, secure the bottom of the upright to the tree with a ratchet strap to prevent the stand from moving when getting in or out, or leaning for a difficult shot


Before ever stepping into your stand, for as many times as you will be using it, please thoroughly check for loose nuts and bolts, bent hook, split wood, chain wear, etc. and overall soundness. Most of all always, always, always wear a chest and thigh harness while hunting from any elevated stand.

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Plans for a homemade wooden tree stand.

BY Dave Leiby