Deer Hunting Methods


This in my opinion is the best way to hunt. With some knowledge of whitetails, some scouting, and patience you should be used. You should have some opportunities. Stand Hunting can be done on the ground or in a tree.

If you're going to be hunting on the ground, a ground blind should be used. You can make one out of branches, leaves, or anything the Mother Nature provides you with. There are also store bought blinds you can put up. I recommend building your own. When hunting behind a blind you must be extra careful of your scent. You must use the wind to your advantage, which is not always easy to do.

Stand Hunting in a tree is how I do most all my hunting. The same applies to stand hunting in a tree, as on the ground, knowledge, patience, scouting will pay off, I guarantee it. You should place your stand no lower than 20 feet. A safety belt is a must. Being 20+ feet up has lots of advantages. Your scent will not be as easy detected, you can get away from the deer's main line of site, and any sound you may make is less forgiving up in a tree strand. Deer can and do look up so don't feel you can move around a lot because you can't. A little movement will go by undetected. Make sure you have some shooting lanes.


Still-Hunting is a challenging way to hunt but can be very productive. Your object is to move very slowly and scan the woods. Try to spot the deer before he spots you. Then you have several decisions to make. You can't take your shot of if the deer isn't in range, then you may want to try and sneak in for a closer shot. You can also try and call him to you. Still-hunting can be a great way to hunt in bad weather.


Group hunting is a great way for family and friends to spend some time together in the field. Strategy for hunting will vary from hunting group to hunting group. You can be successful with 2 or 22 hunters in your group. One way to group hunt is to place a guy or guys at a spot where you figuring the deer will go while being pressured. The other hunters try and push the deer into range of the hunters on post. Knowledge of whitetail deer, layout of the land and what deer will do in a pressured situation will greatly help you when driving deer.

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